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Dog Play: More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys!

I met my cousins for the first time and we had more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Serious dog play time!

Dogs playing, dog play, bulldog
That’s Turbo and me playing! I’m glad I’m tall because Turbo weighs 70 pounds and is all muscle!

My parents, CoCo and I left Kory’s farm and drove about an hour south to Clinton, which is almost on the border with Illinois. Kory’s daughter Brittany and her husband Casey live there with their super-cool pack of three dogs: Jack, Joey and Turbo.

Dogs, Labrador, bulldog
My Wisconsin cousins! Jack, Joey and Turbo!

Jack and Joey are a little older; they are chocolate labs. Turbo is closer to my age; he is a bulldog. Turbo and I became inseparable buds in no time! He plays hard and I play fast. We make a great team!

Cute dogs
Turbo and I were ready to come back inside. Turbo said bacon was on the griddle.

Serious Play Time

We played for hours and generated a ton of slobber! And then we came back inside and Joey told me it was time to settle down. So, I jumped up on the couch with him and watched my dad wash the truck.

Dogs on couch, couch dogs
Joey, the elder statesman, taught me how to sit on the couch and look smart.

Did Someone Say Bacon?!

And then Brit’s mom, my dad’s cousin Jerilyn, made the announcement there was leftover bacon scraps. I wasn’t sure what that was but my dog cousins came running faster than a speeding ticket (sorry Jerilyn, that was a bad joke)!  I did what smart dogs do and followed the pack. I’m glad I did! Bacon is delicious!

Dogs eating
Bacon bits! We all shared nicely. It was the first time I had eaten in a pack. It was a lot more fun than dining with CoCo!

And then it was play time with Turbo… again! He taught me how to play tug-of-war with a dog. I had no idea dogs could do this! I thought only people could!

Dog play
Tug-of-war with Turbo! He is strong!

And then we both rested.

Dogs resting
And then we rested. Notice where the toy is… Turbo definitely called the shots when it came to tug-of-war!

After we rested, dad gathered us for a family picture, you can’t really see Joey; he hid his face between his parents.

A family picture!

A Pleasant Surprise for Overnight Parking

That day with my dog cousins was way too short! I had sooooo much fun! But we needed to find a place to spend the night and Clinton is a very small town with strict ordinances about big vehicles and where they can park, especially overnight. Fortunately, we stopped at a local meat packer to pick up some fresh Wisconsin brats.

Meat store
Thank you to the owner of Country Pride Meats for letting us camp overnight in her parking lot. By the way, her brats, pickled beets and sauerkraut are tasty!

The owner was so nice. She told us we could park overnight right there in her large parking lot. It was next to the railroad tracks but we didn’t care.

Overnight parking, dry camping
We were all alone in the parking lot and had a restful night’s sleep.

We were all so tired from a slobber-filled day of dog play, we fell right to sleep. The next morning, my parents enjoyed a hearty breakfast at the nearby cafe. The owners welcomed my parents as did all the locals who were there for their daily meet-up.

The friendliest people in the world dine at Clinton Cafe!

Clinton, WI is a very small town but it’s fun – especially for dogs with friends! For RVers, it’s easily navigated and overnight parking is allowed in the industrial park. Be sure to pick up fresh meats at Country Pride Meats and have a stick-to-your-ribs breakfast at the Clinton Cafe (note: their mouth-watering pies come fresh out of the oven mid-morning!).

Let’s Chat!

Tell me about your dog play dates! Or the best pie you’ve ever had and where you got it! Or muse about the meaning of life!

Woof Out!

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