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Cow Hunters: 2002 Newell “The White House”

We are looking to possibly trade-in our COW (condo on wheels), which is a 2007 Country Coach Magna, for an older Prevost or Newell. We really like how Prevosts ride. They are smooth and with the big windows, you feel as if you are in the middle of an IMAX movie as you glide down the road. Our budget is $250k (minus the trade-in value of our COW). For more background, please read our first COW Hunters episode.

wish list, bus wish list
This is our wish list for our next COW.

The last COW we looked at, Goldilocks, is a 2006 Prevost Country Coach priced at $369k. It is way over our budget but is gorgeous inside and quite comfortable but there isn’t much storage under the coach.

Today, we are at Panterra Luxury Coaches looking at a 2002 Newell with 146,000 miles, priced at $139k. We’re excited because this coach is well within our budget and seems to have almost everything on our wish list.

We are excited about this 2002 Newell because it has almost everything on our wish list and is priced well below our budget.

Newell is a luxury RV built from the chassis up as an RV, unlike Prevost conversions which are built as buses and converted into recreational vehicles. (Everything About RVing wrote a good explanation about the different types of Class A RVs.) Newell started in the early 1970’s and introduced a diesel rear engine into RVs. The company has an excellent customer service reputation.

We’ve heard such good things about Newell. Now we want to drive one and compare it to our dreamy drive in a Prevost.

This 2002 Newell has two slides, making the salon and the bedroom roomy when the slides are out.

As we enter the Newell, which we nickname “The White House,” we are struck by the mid-entrance (we like it) and the retractable steps (we don’t like). The steps seem lightweight and almost “flimsy” compared to the steps on our current COW. We’re not crazy about the paint style but could live with it.

Once we step inside the mid-entry, we look to the right and see the salon. It has carpeting (new, grey), a lounge chair and a small desk/counter. The windows are large.

newell salon
The full-length couch is nice as are the big windows. Mom likes the desk in front of the large window. Imagine writing a blog with a view! The carpet is new and is a nice grey but will need to be replaced with wood or tile in a year or two.

There is a full-size couch in cream leather and is in good condition. The leather on the chair is old and “crackly” but would be okay for a few years.

newell salon
The couch is comfortable and the windows make the COW feel spacious.

We’re excited! The White House is looking promising so far, even with the carpet, which we figure we will need to replace with tile or wood flooring in a year or two. Turning to the left, we see the booth dinette, which is covered in a rough-feeling fabric and pattern we’re not crazy about but can live with.

newell diningroom
We’re not crazy about the booth material or about the white corian table and counter tops with a black outline. It seems dated.

The booth, counter tops and vanities are done in a white corian with a black edging. It looks kind of dated but, again, it’s something we can live with.

newell salon
Even with the slides in, this COW is spacious. Our current COW has four slides. When you pull the slides in, they block the drivers and passenger seat from the rest of the bus. This bus has only two slides (one in front, one in rear).

The kitchen is nice. It has everything we’re looking for, including a dishwasher.

newell kitchen
Again, we’re not crazy about the white cabinetry but the layout and storage are nice.

As we walk down the tile hallway, we pass the full-size refrigerator to the right and lots of storage on the left.

newell hallway
The hallway feels spacious and has tile flooring. The ceiling lights are bright.

There is a half-bath (toilet and sink) on the left. The sink is very small but functional. It reminds us of a sink you’d find in an airplane. The bathroom has a large window which makes the small room feel spacious.

newell hall bath
This is the half bath off the hallway. There is a full bath in the back of the COW.

Beyond the bathroom is the stacked washer/dryer and the bedroom. In the bedroom, there is a king-size bed with a big window behind the headboard. The window behind the bed didn’t make our top-five wish list but it was definitely on our overall wish list. It just makes the room feel so much more spacious. There is a lot of room in the bedroom when the slide is out.

newell bedroom
Wow! A king-size bed! And a big window behind the bed! Two things that make my mom really happy!

As we pass the bed, we come to a full-size bathroom complete with shower, toilet, large vanity, and heated tile floors.

newell bathroom
There is a full bathroom behind the bedroom. It’s spacious but the sink is small.

My mom likes the large vanity. The sink though, again, is small.

newell vanity
Look at all this storage space in the bathroom vanity!

My dad test drives The White House with Randy riding in the passenger seat and mom wandering from the kitchen to the bedroom. Even with the slides in, this is a roomy coach. Mom enjoys how open it feels even from the bedroom all the way to the front of the coach. Having onlly one slide in the front really opens the COW to conversation between the driver and other people in the vehicle. And the large windows are great!


Unfortunately, there is a leak in the air hose for the air suspension driver’s seat. The leak makes a lot of noise and my dad finds the seat to be very uncomfortable. Also, one of the drawers in the kitchen has a broken latch and it keeps coming open as we drive down the road. We know these things will be fixed but they still creep into our feelings about The White House.

It’s a rainy day and the my dad chooses roads that will give us a good idea of how the COW handles with sharp curves and over rough roads. The ride in the Newell is comparable to our Country Coach and is a step down from a Prevost. Dad said it didn’t drive as easily as our COW. Randy explains that later model Newells, those after 2006, drive and ride more comparably to a Prevost.

The storage in the Newell is about the same as what we have in our Country Coach.

We like the price, the layout and the fact that The White House meets almost all of our needs. We are not impressed with the drive, ride or decor. We can change the decor but the drive and ride is something that can’t be changed. Do we want to trade in our current coach for something comparable but five years older and with 60,000 more miles? We’d be getting large windows, a king-size bed and a washer/dryer. If we go with The White House, it might be an even trade or better, which is a very attractive thought.

Coming Up: Under Re-Construction

Stay tuned! Next, we’ll look at a Prevost American under re-construction.

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