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Cow Hunters: 2004 Prevost American “CoCo Deux”

We are looking to possibly trade-in our RV COW (condo on wheels), which is a 2007 Country Coach Magna, for an older Prevost or Newell. We’re looking for bigger (and more) windows and a smoother ride. Our budget is $250k (minus the trade-in value of our COW).

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So far, we’ve looked at a 2006 Prevost Country Coach, Goldilocks, priced at $369k and a 2002 Newell, The White House, priced at $139k.

A COW Undergoing a Remodel

Today, we’re at Panterra Luxury Coaches checking out a 2004 Prevost American tentatively priced at $300k. The bus is a recent arrival at Panterra and is under going clean up, tune up and remodeling. It is slated to be ready for the showroom by late November. We’re seeing it somewhat stripped down and full of tools and spare parts.This is okay because we do a bit of home renovation and remodeling work ourselves and seeing things under construction doesn’t deter us.

We’re looking at a 2004 Prevost American.

While the $300k price is over our budget, we’re hoping if we like “CoCo Deux” almost as is, we can get it for a lower price since Panterra won’t have to spend its full budget to bring the coach up to the dealer’s high standards.

Warm and Inviting

It’s a beautiful COW with a warm and stunning earth-tone paint job. It has two slides: one in the salon and one in the bedroom. There is a lot of storage under the COW. The entry is wide and features granite steps. There are no retractable steps, which is nice.

Prevost entryway
CoCo Deux has a nice, inviting entry and good storage space in the basement.

As we enter, we love the red-brown leather seats. We like earth tones. The seats are in good condition and are comfortable.

Prevost driver seat
We love the natural brown leather seats. They are in good condition.

Reminds Me Of Someone I Know…

As we look past the entry and into the salon we are struck immediately by the patterned couch (black, tan, gold fabric) and granite tile floors. The color scheme is black and brown… which is my sister CoCo’s colors. I think we’ve figured out the nickname for this COW: CoCo Deux!

cat looks like marble
This COW has the same coloring as CoCo!

We Can Live With It If The Price Is Right

We can live with the old couch – it’s actually quite comfortable – for awhile. It’s showing its age and doesn’t have a lot of support but it’s okay.

The floors themselves are beautiful…. but the floors are the same material and pattern used on the counter tops.

inside a prevost
Using the same granite on the floors as the counter tops kind of makes you feel dizzy.

Using the same pattern on the floor and the counters makes the inside of CoCo Deux feel busy or almost dizzying. You can’t tell where the floor ends and the counters begin. It’s odd.

This is the view from the kitchen out through the salon. CoCo Deux is under construction; Panterra is in the process of updating this COW.

We ask if the tile floors are heated. We have heated tile floors in our current COW and absolutely love them. Randy, our salesman, looks for a heated tile floor panel but we just can’t find one. It’s a little strange because you kind of expect to have them in a slide-out Prevost with tile floors. Unfortunately, the tile floors in CoCo Deux are not heated and putting in heated tile floors is not a project we want to undertake due to the expense.

Looking up from the floors we notice the valences are done in a nice two-tone suede. They add a touch of subtlety to the salon. I wish mom had gotten a picture of them. She’ll get better at taking pictures as we do more tours I’m sure.

Can This Counter Be A Desk?

My mom is happy there’s a desk of sorts although when she sits in the chair and tries to use the desk, she discovers it’s not really a desk. It’s more of a counter or end table. It’s not the right height for a working desk. It also doesn’t have an overhang so there’s nowhere to put your legs as you’re facing the desk. It’s a nice counter for social gatherings but not practical for her needs as a blogger. That said, we can live with it for awhile until we replace it with either a desk or a couch.

chair in prevost
This is the lounge chair and counter across from the couch. The counter won’t work very well for a desk.

Marshmallow Dinette

Next to the couch on the driver’s side and across from the kitchen is an over-sized dinette booth. The leather is a bit worn but what really bothers us is the way the chairs spill over into the walk aisle. They’re almost like giant, tan marshmallows. That means it’s going to be tight when the slide is pulled in. Again, we can live with it… it’s just another thing we would like to change.

dinette prevost
Oh my. The seats in this dinette need to be updated. The towel on the table is there to protect it while renovations are taking place.

The kitchen is nice. The colors are beautiful, the cabinets are high-quality, there is a dishwasher, the sink is big, and it has a residential refrigerator. The refrigerator’s age concerns us… it’s 13 years old so that’s another thing we will have to eventually replace. It’s not a concern except at this price, $300k, we don’t want to take out the windshield to haul out and put in a residential refrigerator.

kitchen prevost
This is the kitchen in CoCo Deux. Everything is nice. The refrigerator, however, is the original, which means it’s 13 years old.

As we move down the hallway, there is a large shower on the right that is being refurbished. My dad is impressed with Panterra’s quality work on their remodeling. They pay attention to details.

prevost shower renovation
The shower is being updated and Panterra is getting the details right, according to the my dad who is very particular about renovation details.

Bedroom With Space

There is a stacked washer and dryer and then we move into the bedroom.

prevost bedroom
The bedroom is in good condition. It has neutral carpet and plenty of storage.

Bummer! A queen-sized bed. But, oh well. The carpeting is neutral and is in good shape. There is a large closet.

prevost bedroom
The cabinetry in the bedroom is different than the cabinetry in the salon. This is a traditional cherry wood. The salon was lighter and more modern.

The TV is small and doesn’t block the window, which is nice. My dad likes the cherry wood in the bedroom. Mom’s looking for something a bit more modern. She likes the wood but isn’t crazy about the traditional design features on the cabinets. She’s also a bit perplexed that the cabinetry in the bedroom is different than the cabinetry in the rest of the COW.

prevost bedroom
Everything is in good shape in the bedroom. It looks like there are only some cosmetic updates to be made. We’d probably lose the makeup chair and use the space for a clothes hamper.

A make-up chair is tucked under the counter by the window. That’s something we’ll never use so the space can be used for something else… maybe a clothes hamper? There is a ceiling fan that is kind of outdated but would be nice to have. Unfortunately, the valences in the back of CoCo Deux don’t match the nice neutral ones that are in the front of the COW. These are the original valences except they don’t look like 2004… mom says they look more like 1994. Well, at least they match the bedspread.

prevost bedroom
CoCo Deux has a queen-sized bed and a window above the headboard. The window is small because there are large cabinets above the window.

There is a window behind the bed but it’s small since there are large cabinets above the head of the bed.

Mom makes a list of the changes she’d like to make so we can ask the dealer how much it would cost to make the changes or how much it would be to take the COW pretty much as it is now, except with the shower finished.

Since CoCo Deux is a work in progress, we can’t take her for a test drive just yet.

Will CoCo Deux Be The COW We Choose?

CoCo Deux has a lot of what we’re looking for: it’s 45-feet long, has a full-sized couch, a stacked washer and dryer, and tile flooring throughout (except the bedroom). It would need some updating and the price is definitely over our budget. Since it’s not a Prevost Marathon or a Prevost Liberty, it may depreciate more quickly (just like Goldilocks). American, the company that converted this Prevost, is no longer in business. The depreciation, cost of updates and listing price are definitely considerations as we think about the depreciation hit we will take on our Country Coach.

Next Up… The Blue Man

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