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We Pulled The Trigger and Bought A “New-to-Us” Bus!

Meet Brigitte!

Brigitte is our new COW. She’s a 2002 Prevost Liberty Elegant Lady with only 70,000 miles. We bought her on December 22 from Olympia Luxury Coaches in Nashville, TN.

This is our “new-to-us” coach!

We’re still moving in and getting settled. The holidays slowed things down a bit but I’ll share the move in future posts.

Prevost Liberty
Our new home is a 2002 Prevost Liberty “Elegant Lady.”

Until then, I wanted to introduce Brigitte (pronounced BrEEh-zheet) to you; she is a French Canadian lady from Quebec. I’m going to use the pictures from Olympia since we didn’t take many photos over the three days we looked at coaches in Nashville.


We drove to Olympia because they had a 2001 Prevost Marathon that was within our price range and had almost everything we’ve been searching for. We toured it (and a couple others) and fell in love with the Marathon priced at $215k.

Man and dog
Austin (!) Hicks is the General Manager of Olympia Luxury Coaches. He and I hit it off right away! Austin is a country music singer and toured the country in a Prevost with his musician/singer parents and brother (like a real-life Partridge Family!). They opened for bands like Charlie Daniels, and they played at the Daytona Speedway and the Albuquerque Balloon Fest!

And then Austin (seriously! that’s his name!), our Olympia guide and the General Manager, told us we needed to see the Prevost converter that “tops” Marathon: Liberty.

Liberty Coaches

Olympia had two Liberty Coaches for sale between $279k-$289k: a classic lady and an elegant lady. We toured both and were blown away by the quality. We thought Marathon couldn’t be beat… but Liberty is definitely The Best. Their hand craftsmanship, attention to detail and use of quality materials are unmatched. They spend double the man-hours of the nearest competitor (not sure if that’s Marathon?) to build a bus and it shows.

Liberty is one of the few Prevost converters, along with Marathon, that weathered the 2008 recession. The company, based in Chicago, is family-owned and stands by their products, a fact that ensures Liberty Coaches hold their value. Liberty holds proprietary rights to most of their work, which means if we have an issue with one of those systems, we will have to find a shop that has knowledge of or the right to work on that system. This could be a challenge, but we are willing to take a chance. Most of the systems are not proprietary and it is relatively easy to find a shop that works on Prevosts compared to finding a shop that knows about Country Coaches (our old bus).

Prevost Liberty Coach
We’ve named our new coach “Brigitte” in honor of her French Canadian roots.

Finally, my dad has an appreciation for high quality, luxury items. Once he toured the Elegant Lady, his mind was set. She was far more substantial than the other coaches we looked at. Any bus we toured after this one would pale in comparison. If we didn’t buy Brigitte, we weren’t buying a bus.

Sealed The Deal

Olympia then made us a surprise offer on our Country Coach. Before driving to Nashville, we had called Austin and asked him for a trade-in number on our RV. The number he gave was quite a bit lower than what we expected. When we arrived at Olympia, we had determined we would consign if we found the Coach of Our Dreams.

Prevost bus
Brigitte has a nice view from behind!

While we were touring the Elegant Lady, Austin and his team toured Kyoshi (our name for our Country Coach… the name means “master teacher”). After seeing what an unusual hot-rod she is (600hp engine for a 40-foot coach; Brigitte and her brethren are 45 feet and have 500hp) plus the fact that she is in excellent condition (exterior and interior), Olympia offered us a very fair trade-in deal, much higher than what we expected.

The deal was done.

Meet Brigitte

Brigitte was bought new in 2002 for more than $1M by the owner of Ozark Trucking Company. He sponsored NASCAR drivers and would have the bus driven to NASCAR races where he and his friends would watch the races from the rooftop deck on top of Brigitte.

bus with rooftop deck
Surprise! Brigitte has a rooftop deck! A very unusual option on a motorcoach!

Other than that, he barely used the bus. It stayed in a heated and cooled garage and was pampered by professional mechanics.

rooftop deck on bus
This guy came with the bus. He stays in our closet. We’ll let him out when we go to NASCAR races.

In 2016, the bus was bought by a Missouri couple who only drove it 4K miles until health issues persuaded them to sell it.

Time For A Tour!

Now I’m going to share with you pictures from Olympia of Brigitte with all of her interior lights on… which means, she looks a little more “glitzy” than she normally does (we don’t keep all the lights on… especially the little accent lights). In fact, she looks like Vegas Baby! But take it from me, that is just when the cameras are rolling. In person, she feels like a warm, rich, traditional home. The earth tones, acacia wood floors, and hand-carved wood accents and moulding make our new home feel like… well, like a home.

The two-toned seats and rich leather dash give you an immediate sense of timeless quality when you enter the bus. Top that off with new acacia wood flooring and you immediately know you’ve entered a high-quality coach.

prevost entryway
This is the co-pilot’s seat. We really love the two-toned seats and acacia wood flooring.

The driver’s seat and control panel made my dad feel right at home. He was comfortable and had instant access to all the monitors and controls he had been accustomed to in our Country Coach.

prevost dash
The driver’s seat is extremely comfortable and the control panel has all the bells and whistles we need.

From the front seats looking down the salon, the kitchen and into the hall, it is quite an impression.

prevost salon
Brigitte dazzles! That’s a lot of lights! But we really like the earth tones and warm feeling of a richly-designed home.

We purposefully chose to narrow our choices to non-slide coaches because we really liked the open feeling as you’re driving (and the lack of maintenance on slides). With slides, the driver is closed off from anyone in the back. Slides are a must-have if you are staying in one place for several weeks or months at a time but since we are usually on the go, and rarely stay in one place more than a couple of weeks, we decided no slides was the way to go for now in our lives.

The large, panoramic-feeling windows in a Prevost help make the no-slide choice easy. This coach feels more open than our Country Coach (which had four slides but very few – and mostly small – windows).

The flooring is beautiful: acacia wood and travertine tile. No carpet, which is good when you have two pets.

wood floor in prevost bus
The acacia wood flooring in the salon and bedroom is new. It should stand up well to my claws.

My mom is happy – she has a desk and a comfortable chair.

prevost desk and chair
The desk and chair are a great place to blog… if CoCo will let us. She has claimed the chair as her own.

The couch is fabric and is comfortable; it folds out into a bed.

prevost couch
The couch is full-sized and folds out into a bed. CoCo claimed the chair. I claimed the couch.

We all appreciate the warm, earthy tones.

prevost kitchen
The walkway through the salon and through the kitchen is spacious. The table slides out to make more space during meal time.
Prevost dinette
The booth can seat four (tightly!) but seats two with lots of extra space.

The kitchen has a “J-booth” which is bigger than a regular dinette booth. The table slides out (electronically) to give more space when you’re seated.

Across from the booth is the kitchen sink and cabinets. This is the view from the kitchen to the front of the bus.

Prevost kitchen
Storage is not a problem. There are lots of cabinets in the kitchen. Additionally, there is a large drawer under the couch and a deep drawer under the J-booth.

The sink is quite large and deep.

Prevost kitchen
The kitchen has two counters for prep work. The sink is oversized and quite large. My mom can wash a lot of dishes! She’ll need to since we don’t have a dishwasher!

There is no dishwasher but there is a sub-zero fridge (it is huge!) and two-drawer freezer. Across from the refrigerator and behind the J-booth is the Gaggenau electric cooktop.

prevost kitchen
The counter lifts up to reveal a two-burner Gaggenau cooktop.

The etching on the glass separating the cooktop from the dinette is of two lovebirds. How sweet is that?!

Glass etching
The etching on the glass divider between the cooktop and the J-booth features love birds, or so Dad says. I think they’re pigeons.

Across from the cooktop is the control panel. This is where my parents monitor all of Brigitte’s operations – from tanks to inverters to circuit breakers.

prevost control panel
The control panel, which displays all of the workings of the bus, is easy to access between the refrigerator and the sink prep area.

Moving from the kitchen, you enter a hallway. Most of the doors are air-operated: you push a button and air pressure forces the door to open or close. It reminds my parents of Star Trek ;)!

prevost liberty
This is the view from the hallway to the front of the bus. The mirrors and large windows make the bus seem quite spacious.

Behind the hall closet doors is a staked washer and dryer. My mom is so happy!

stacked washer dryer in a bus
Yay! A washer and dryer!

There are multiple (five) closets. It turns out this coach has more storage room than our four-slide bus. What a great surprise!

prevost bus closet
There are five (!) closets in the Liberty Elegant Lady.

As you go down the hallway, you come to a bathroom on your left…

Prevost bathroom
The bathroom even feels luxurious! Nice to know this toilet can flush a golf ball! Imagine the testing that went into that factoid…

And a vanity with sink on your right.

Prevost vanity
There is a sink and vanity across from the bathroom. There is more bathroom storage in this non-slide bus than is our four-slide RV.

The sink and fixtures throughout are an aged copper/bronze.

prevost bus sink
All of the sinks and fixtures are top-notch. The aged bronze (or is it copper?) really makes the interior look warm and well-appointed.

This is a view from the vanity/bath to the front of the bus.

prevost bus
There is a slight turn in the hallway from the salon to the bedroom. This ensures privacy but there are two doors as well: one after the kitchen and one right before the bedroom.

I forgot to show you the shower, which is across from the washer/dryer.

Prevost shower in bus
The shower is fully-tiled and is full size.

It’s fully tiled. My dad loves it!

Finally, the bedroom…

prevost bedroom
Brigitte features an oversized, temperpedic, queen bed that lifts up with the touch of a button to provide a ton of storage!

We have a oversized, temperpedic, queen bed which lifts up (again, with an air-pressurized button) to provide a ton of storage!

What Really Sold Us

There are four things that really sold us on this coach (aside from the beauty):

  1. Over-the-road-air. This is a high-quality climate-control system very unique to find in motorcoach conversions. Most motorcoaches use cruise air or roof air to heat or cool the entire bus while going down the road. This coach uses the engine vice the generator and does a much better – and efficient – job of controlling the inside temperature of a 45-foot bus.
  2. Engine retarder. This is an engine control system that allows you to use your engine for breaking instead of using your brakes, which can overheat and stop your brakes from working (not good!).
  3. Quality of workmanship. From the quality construction of the interior to the heftiness and sturdiness of the bus, to the size of the pumps, to the weight of the vehicle… all of these things make the bus feel like a home instead of an RV.
  4. State of the bus. Knowing the bus was owned by a trucking executive with a full garage and professional mechanics and drivers, means the bus is highly likely to be in great shape for the long run.

There is also a ton of storage under the bus, as well as port- and starboard-side 50-amp hookups, a mini-fridge, a television and a grill… what more could we ask for?

And now you’ve met Brigitte! It took us a few days to move from one bus to another. I’ll cover that in the next post.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of Brigitte!

Woof Out!

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  1. Awesome! Best ride you can find. Sure beets our Country Coach Affinity. Only thing I see missing, Slides?

    1. Thanks George! We prefer no slides for the type of traveling we do right now in our lives – having the driver open to the rest of the bus appealed to us.

  2. Wow, love the lights and bling. Do you take family on trips with you. LOL I’d have to bring my dog too. Love you two. It’s a beautiful ride and can’t wait for your next visit and tour. Safe journey in your new home on wheels.

    1. Thanks Joanne! We do take family… that’s what the roof top deck is for! 😉 hope you are staying warm! Let us know when you are visiting Tucson!

  3. Austin, I think you’re parents made a wise choice. You have moved up in the world. Did you enjoy your time in Nashville ? Hope everyone treated you well. You look like a boy who would enjoy a good tug of war contest.

    1. Jim, how did you know that “tug of war” is my favorite game?! I hope your arm has healed. Thank you again for letting me run around your office and for all the yummy treats! You spoiled me! Woof!

  4. Oh my goodness–what amazing information, thank you! I am obsessed with learning about Prevost coaches, and I hope one day to be the proud owner of one, also–especially a non-slide rig such as yours! Austin, I am sure your furry self is enjoying the open road with your parents!

Can’t wait to see what you say! Woof!