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In Memory: Grandma and CoCo

I wanted to share with you my sad news. Remember those few months I took off from blogging? It was because my grandma (my mother’s mother) was very sick.


Grandma and dog
I met Grandma for the first time about a year ago. She loved dogs!

We hosted her for a three-week visit in March/April in Tucson, helping her realize one of her dreams: to see the Sonoran Desert.

Grandma getting kisses
My grandma got kisses from my mom and Grandpa George in front of our pool in Tucson. She was so incredibly happy during her visit with us!

In May, we left Tucson to help care for Grandma at her home in Charlottesville, VA. She passed away from breast cancer (that had metastized into her bones) on June 10. Her obituary was in the Fluvanna Review.

Grandma and cat
Grandma and CoCo had a very special, loving relationship. When Grandma visited us in Tucson, she and CoCo spent a lot of time together and they enjoyed every minute.

It was very hard for all of us. We were sad beyond words.

And then, just a couple of weeks later, CoCo died.


Cat on bus dashboard
CoCo was an excellent traveler!

CoCo was 16 1/2 years old. Her heart suddenly failed one day while we were in Charlottesville.

Her doctors say she beat the odds by living that long considering she had irritable bowel disease, thyroid disease, kidney disease and liver issues (cancer) for the last several years.

Cat on beach
One of CoCo’s favorite places was Key West, FL.

My parents are quite sad. CoCo was their constant companion and they loved having a cat who liked to travel, go for walks and explore new places with them.

Colored pencil drawing of cat
Grandma was an artist who worked with a lot of different media. She did a lot of colored pencil drawings, including this one of CoCo.

I am missing Grandma and CoCo.

From Virginia to Minnesota

We are now at our lake home in Minnesota where Mom and Dad are continuing to renovate the house. They are still working on the kitchen (the tile floor to be exact).

I am keeping busy practicing my frisbee-catch (I’ve gotten really good!) and taking long walks with Mom.

BIG NEWS: My First Girlfriend

I also have my first girlfriend! Her name is Peanut.

Dogs playing
Peanut is my girlfriend. She has impressive muscles!

Peanut lives across the street. She is a bulldog and is a year old (about eight months younger than me). She is pretty strong. And she uses her weight to try to push me around. She also hogs my toys. But I can out-run her and jump higher than she can so I hold my own with her.

Dogs playing
Peanut does not know how to play hard to get!

Peanut is helping me keep my mind off the loss of Grandma and CoCo but I still miss them both very much.

A Kind-Of Sad Woof Out

Paw print



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  1. Hi Linda and Jay sorry to hear of your loss
    Thanks for sharing such memorable photos so nice .
    Take care

    1. Thank you Christina. We hope you are doing well and we can catch up with you in AZ or VA this fall/winter/spring!

  2. Sorry to hear about your losses. We are out traveling again. The Oregon Coast the last two weeks and at a Country Coach Rally. Washington State; Seattle and Whidbey Island to see friends these two weeks, then Yellowstone for 2 weeks and back through Zion and Bryce for 2 weeks. Have been back on the blog chronicling our travels. https://a2zandback.com. Safe travels, good luck with the flooring and again, sorry for your losses.

Can’t wait to see what you say! Woof!