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About Me

Welcome to my dog blog where I share my family’s adventures as we travel the country in a motorcoach!

Border Collie + Labrador = Me!

My name is Austin and I’m a Borador. A Borador, in case you didn’t know, is a Border Collie-Labrador mix. I’m the best of two great breeds!

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Photos by Michael Gwyther-Jones and Chris Barnes

I was born in October 2016 in Waco, Texas. My parents adopted me from the Humane Society of Central Texas (I was three months old) on one of their cross-country travels. I underwent basic training while traveling from Texas to California to Minnesota in a 40-foot rumbling house on wheels. I call it a COW for Condo-On-Wheels:

RV, about, full timing
This was my first home: a 2007 Country Coach Magna

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Woof Out!


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A special Thank You to Larissa Hillmer Photography for the stunning pictures of me and CoCo!


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